Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Friends like Family

Cami and Jon have been spending a lot of time over here the last few days. We are cramming in as much time as we can with them before they move far away. They have been our gaming buddies for the last three years so of course we have to play games.

Tonight we did an all out Settlers of Catan with both the Seafarers and Cities and Knights expantions together. It was pretty crazy and took us close to three hours to finish. It was such a great game! Cami pulled out a win but it was a pretty close the whole time.

The boys are also going to miss Cami and Jon. As soon as they walk in the door Sam and Elijah get very excited. Lately Sam has been running to get a book for Cami to read as soon as he sees her. Elijah loves playing tag with them and they amuse him with his silly little games. Cami and Jon are like family and we are sad to see them move on (but excited for them at the same time).

Anyway, we will miss you guys! Good luck in California and your crazy fun plans for the summer!

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