Thursday, May 1, 2008

Craft Ideas

The past few days I've been reading other blogs more than I have been posting to my own. I've come across some good craft ideas for the kids and some projects for me too.

I came across this blog, the children's nest, where a mother of four posts projects that she does with her children. I love the post for the children's apron made out of kitchen towels. I can just imagine the possbilities. I'm going to go hunting at the dollar store for towls now to make a couple of these for my boys. She also has an idea from Martha Stewart about recycling old wool sweaters and making them into animals etc. Very cute! Also a cute idea for an applique on a onesie.

Another blog, glittergoods, had a tutorial on how to make "pink princess party flags". Granted I don't have a need for pink princess party flags (yet! someday I'm hoping for a girl), but you could use any kind of fabric you have to create your own fun reusable birthday flag decorations.

She also has a turtorial on how to make your own little books out of paper and cardstock, in minutes! I did this one and was surprised at how easy it really was. The possibilites for this are amazing. I know Elijah will love to fill the pages with his letters and pictures, maybe even write his own story someday.

Finally, there is the crafty crow. This woman has done a compilation of different projects she finds and has pictures and links to them (one of which will lead you to glittergoods). Talk about loads of ideas! Craft projects, outing ideas, games, art books, etc... for all ages! I particularly liked the idea for the atribute game. I'm going to start gathering stuff to put together my own. Plus it is a great place to branch out to other blogs and see what other creative people are up to. I have a feeling this will be a blog I go to often in search of ideas.

Anyway, I've got plenty to keep my busy and I'm still looking for a simple/cute pattern for my throw pillows I bought. If you come across one, send it my way!

I would love to hear what projects you are involved in or fun ones you find while surfing around.

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Susan said...

You've found some really fun sites! That attribute game is amusing - I'd like to see how Emma would do with that. A very good idea indeed! :) The little books are a good idea for 3-4 year olds and beyond! Emma would love to color in her own book! Thanks for all the fun ideas!