Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nature Bracelets

This is definitely on my list of things to do with the boys. It comes from the blog maya*made. You simple take a piece of heavy duty tape long enough to go around a child's wrist and still be able to slip off. You then make it into a ring with the sticky side out. While you are on your nature walk you can add flowers and leaves to your tape bracelet making a beautiful token of God's creations that you can wear.

I can see Elijah loving this and Sammy with his grass pulling interest is sure to be interested in this too.

***maya*made was featured on The Crafty Crow for her Art Organization and Display idea. This is an idea I am definitely filing away for the "someday" when I have a house. (Hmm maybe I could pull it off in my small space now. I do have the art to fill it. I'll have to talk to Josh and see if I can talk him into it.)

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