Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tutorial: Drawstring Gift Bag

For Enrichment this past week, an amazing seamstress in our ward taught a class on how to make drawstring gift bags. I wasn't able to make one myself that night buy I peeked in on what they were and made sure to get the instructions so I could make one at home. Today I made one and thought I would share the pattern with you. These bags are great for any gift, be it for under the tree or a gift for a friend or neighbor.

At a garage sale last week I found a pillowcase with holiday flamingos (of all things) on it. I bought it thinking I could use the fabric for something and it turned out to be just about perfect for these bags. I ended up getting two bags our of one pillowcase.

I was given measurements for two different sizes of bags. For a small bag you will need 2 pieces 11x14 and 7/8 yard ribbon, for a medium bag you will need two pieces 14x20 and 1 1/8 yard ribbon. The ribbon can be satin or grossgrain of either 3/8" or 5/8" width. There are various ways to get these measurements out of a cut of fabric depending on how many bags you want to get out of your yardage. If you plan it out you can cut a panel, fold it in half and use the fold as one of your seams, either side or bottom. If you are folding on the bottom for a medium bag you would need a piece 14X39. For a small bag with a bottom fold you will need a piece 11 x29. Basically you double the length with the fold and subtract an inch for seams.

Have I totally lost you? Then just cut two pieces to the right size and sew three seams.

Step 1: Sew 1/2" seams with right sides together. Measure down from the top 4" on one side seam and mark. Sew down to your mark, backstitch and cut off. Leave a 3/4" opening, resume sewing down the side being sure to backstitch when you start. Finish all the seams.

Step 2: Optional- to help keep the fraying down, zig zag the seams starting below the 3/4" opening and stitching all the seams. (I opted out)

Step 3: Measure down from the top 2 3/4". Fold and pin all around the bag. Press the fold. Turn under the raw edge of the folded section 3/8" and pin to bag. Stitch close to this folded edge.

Step 4: Stitch one inch away from top fold all around the bag. This will make the top ruffle and the casing for the ribbon. Turn bag right side out.

Step 5: Thread ribbon through the 3/4" opening using a safty pin attatched to one end. Make the ends equal in length and cut ribbon ends on a diagonal. Stitch ribbon on the fold or side seam to secure.

And there you have it. Fill it with something good and you are ready for the season of giving or for giving no matter what the season.

I know the pictures are small. If you click on them you will get a HUGE picture. Big or small use whichever you need. Good luck!

Oh and check out the pumpkin recipes from our enrichment recipe exchange. I've posted them on my recipe blog. The soup was amazing!


Hollie said...

Holy cow!! I have no idea when these interest groups are! I need to pay more attention at the announcements in Relief Society.

Oh, and the Jamba Juice is over by Michale's

chrisy said...

Emma told me to tell you that she misses your gratitude journal entries on your blog. She loved reading them and wonders where they went.