Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Park Days

The weather the last few weeks has been beautiful and warm. We have been enjoying park days on Wednesdays with our friends and soaking in every bit of beautiful Fall weather we can. I'm afraid this week might have been our last one. The weather is drastically colder this weekend (so cold that the garage sales were a no show completely). I am being stubborn and trying not to turn on our heater yet, but my toes have been cold all day so I fear it is a loosing battle. I'm trying to focus on warmer thoughts so I thought I would post some pics from the park this week.

Sam absolutely loves the swings. Elijah at Sam's age didn't care much for the swings, especially going high, but Sam is more of a dare devil and would spend all day in the swing if my tired arms would allow it. Elijah is learning how to pump by himself. He's got the motions down but not quite enough strength behind them to keep himself going by himself.
Sam pulled the hat out of the car himself and was very dilligent in wearing it. He did share with me for a bit. I would tease him and say it was mine and he would say no. Then I would ask "is it yours?" and he would say no. Then I asked "who's is it?" and he quickly answered "mine."
And Charis I havn't forgotten your tag, I'm working on it!


Charis said...

I absolutly love your boys they make me so happy just seeing their pictures. today michael was playing wii fit at grandma's and would get so excited when he saw elijah, sammy, and baby owen. "there __________ (elijah, sammy, or baby owen) is again, man they are good little runners!" he is a cute kid. I sure hope you guys can stay for a long while this christmas I really am lacking on my sarah interactions and my nephew fix! love ya

chrisy said...

ditto charis