Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boy am I grateful...

...that the paint all over my son's face is watercolors.

His mother had the brilliant idea to let the boys paint bones for a skeleton (I guess actually it was my idea to color the bones and Elijah's idea to paint them). Sam did more painting on himself than the paper. That silly kid.
I found the pattern for the skeleton HERE though I wasn't excited about the size so I photoshopped it to make the body fill an 8.5 x 11 and the limbs on another sheet. I also whited out all the back ground junk. (silly design in my mind, not economical for printing.)

Anyway, Elijah loved painting his skeleton (in the rush to get Sam cleaned up before he spread the rainbow to other areas of his body or the house, I didn't get pictures of Elijah doing his). We then assembled the bones together with mini brads. I punched the holes and Elijah spent the longest time working on getting the tiny brads in place. When we were all done the skeletons went for a dance.
Today I attempted to make skeletons out of pasta glued to paper. Mine turned out alright but the boys just messed around without making a massive mess which is all good by me! Check out Crafty Crow she is doing a series of Halloween posts with party games, crafts, decorations etc.

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Susan said...

Oh Sarah.. you are seriously the best mom! I wish we could hang out so that your craftiness would rub off a bit on me!