Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Ranch

We made it to the local pumpkin ranch a little late this year. They had packed up most of their rides and activities -Sad- but we did get to see the animals and run around the hay bale maze, which the boys loved.

Elijah and Sam did most of the maze by themselves, running around like crazed boys. The maze was just the right hight that they couldn't really see where they were going. In all they did the maze probably five times. There was a huge pumpkin at the end of the maze that Sam had fun playing peek-a-boo in. Cute crazy kids.

They also had a bouncy toy thing. Sam is now big enough to fend for himself in those things. It's fun to see him and Elijah get excited about it and crazy bouncing around together.

In all it was yet another wonderful FAll outing. The weather has been GORGEOUS this week with temps in the 70's and clear sunny days. Anyway, I'm feeling really blessed right now and grateful for my fun, crazy family and the time we get to spend together.

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