Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's go fly a kite

Yesterday Josh came home from work a little early so we could have some daddy time (which has been in short supply lately). It was a beautiful fall day with the weather having warmed up to around 75 this week. We decided to head to the park and try out a kite I found at a garage sale this summer but hadn't had a chance to try yet. There were a few cursing mumbles of "easy assembly, my eye!" from Josh as he tried to put it together, but eventually he got it together and it was very impressive. The kite looks like a boat with multiple masts and sails and a long rainbow tail. Well, it turned out the wind wasn't steady enough to actually get the kite up for any amount of time, but we had a lot of fun playing together in the waining fall sunlight.

While Josh and I were struggling to get the kite together I looked over to see Sam crawling around on the basketball court. I went over to see what was going on and found that he had noticed a lone little ant treking across the cement. He would point at it and say "bu', bu'".

After the kite flying prooved unsuccesful , Josh and the boys started rolling around in the freshly cut grass. They were kind enough to pose for me a bit. At one point Sam was having fun putting grass clippings on Josh's face. Elijah and Sam also enjoyed playing with their long shadows.
I'm grateful for my goofy fun boys who know how to enjoy life and make my life enjoyable. I am grateful for the time we have to spend together.


Charis said...

Is sammy as tall as elijah?

Sarah said...

Sam isn't quite as tall as Elijah, though he is gaining ground. There is still about a 4-5 inch difference.