Thursday, October 2, 2008

Screaming Deal

Wow, when I'm back - I'm back! Three posts in one day. Are you sick of me yet?

Anyway, I couldn't go to bed without sharing the screaming deal to be had at Albertsons (this is for Colorado, check your local ads to see if it is going on in a store near you). They are doing a buy 10 items get $5 in register rewards promotion. Some of the items included in the deal are Yoplait yogurt and Progresso soup. The amazing thing is the yogurt is 10 for $5 which calculates to FREE after you get the register rewards! The soup is 10 for 10 making it 50 cents each after the rewards. A great price on an easy food storage item.

There is even a sweetener to the deal! For you coupon clippers, or even those of you who aren't among those of us crazy enough to subscribe to the paper only so you can get the coupons every Sunday, has coupons for 50 cents off 6 yogurts and 55 cents off 2 soups (you can print two of each). Slap those together and get a total of 6 yogurts and 4 soups for about 40 cents (before taxes and factoring in $5 rewards on next purchase, and don't swear by my math here). You can do this multiple times (even without coupons its a steal) but you have to be sure to break each transaction to get the rewards.

Now I call that a screaming deal!

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