Friday, October 3, 2008

Scarecrow and my little Salesman

This morning the boys and I ran around doing our errands. We hit a garage sale which had the long sought after scarecrow shirt! Then it was off to Walgreens to do their deals (again) for the tooth brush and shampoo/conditioner. We ended our run with another trip to Albertsons to stock up on more yogurt and soup and their milk was even on sale too.

When we got home we ate some yogurt and then got to work putting our scarecrow together. It's a goofy looking thing but I'm satisfied with the way it turned out. He's out by our front door and I am betting on our stairwell providing enough protection from the elements because he's only made of newspaper and clothes. The boys had fun helping me ball up the newspaper and stuff it in the shirt and pants.

When I was putting the scarecrow together outside, Elijah grabbed his notebook (Blue's Clues and Sid the Science Kid supported idea) and decided to draw a picture of our scarecrow. He sat on the steps and got to work with Sam watching him closely. They both stopped to say "Cheese" when I pulled out the camera.

Sam didn't want to come in when we were all done with the scarecrow and drawing so I tried to pull the whole "Bye, I'm leaving" trick that usually results in a slight panic and the kid decides to follow. Didn't work this time for Sam though. He decided to play a game. The apartment next to us was quickly vacated by our last neighbors and the flier people have been around with various things. A bag of brochures was hanging on the door and Sam pulled it off and then knocked on our closed door. He then preceded to give a spiel of gibberish intermixed with "umm"s then he would quickly say "Bye" and go to the next door. He was doing this multiple times and I was lucky enough to get it on film. Man, if he was really selling something I would buy all he had! Such the cutest thing!

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