Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Finds and Memory Lane

Saturday's garage sales turned up some random things. The biggest things I found were a set of rollerblades for Josh and a set of roller skates for myself. Talk about a trip down memory lane! I remember getting my first pair of rollerskates for my fifth birthday. They were pink Hugga Bunch skates with sparkle trim (see the movie below for your own trip down Hugga Bunch memory lane). I remember rollarskating down the driveway and making pathways with chalk to skate on. Needless to say 20 years makes a difference on my skating skills. Josh and I took the wheels out for a spin on Saturday between General Conference sessions and made total fools of ourselves (I'm sure our neighbors enjoyed the show). I did manage to not fall on my backside. Maybe next time I will venture more than 10 feet away from my building and go faster than 2 mph.

I also came into the jackpot for cd's at a garage sale. Our music tastes were similar and I came home with a couple Barenaked Ladies cd's, Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Dixie Chicks, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Faith Hill. I figure I could spend a buck getting one song off Itunes or buy the entire cd for less than that.


Susan said...

Okay, so I have never heard of Hugga Bunch - maybe that's a good thing? ;) Emma has been asking for roller skates lately - she says she wants pink skates with purple polkadots. That's a rather specific request!

rjlee75 said...

Sweet! I totally want some roller skates.

Charis said...

sarah, I tagged you, for pure silliness on my blog, go see.

susan has never heard of hugga bunch!?! what planet did she come from!?!