Monday, October 27, 2008

I didn't have to be a "Rich Man"

We went to good ol' Walmart to buy our pumpkins tonight and wondered around the store in the process (how often can you actually just run into super Walmart to grab one thing and actuallly come out with only that thing). We ended up in the movie section looking at all the cheap $5 DVD's. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found the classic Fiddler on the Roof! To be sure that gem of a classic came home with me and one of these nights in the near future my house will be filled with the catchy tunes of "If I were a rich man", "Sunrise, Sunset", etc. and to be sure these songs will then be stuck in my head for weeks afterwards. MMMmm... something to look forward to.


Charis said...

I didn't find fiddler on the roof, but I did find the new charlotte's web for only $4. but shhh don't tell anyone. . . it is a santa claus present. now the debate is do i get the cartoon one as well. . . it was only $4 as well. . . or maybe another. . . or maybe santa claus should be done

Hollie said...

I also noticed that they had 13 going on 30. I LOVE that movie! Msybe because it was my era, but I LOVE it. I think I'm going back to get it today!!!