Friday, April 11, 2008

Strong Grandbabies

Since we extended our trip (a third time) we were finally able to get some cute pictures of all the Strong grandbabies together. I must say it is a group of pretty cute kids.

Kendell, Elijah, Owen, and Sammy


Susan said...

Look how much hair little Owen has! Tell Rosie that I her little one is to die for! :) And Kendell always looks sooo happy - she's such a cuddly lovely little girl... and of course, you two are just the cutest things as well.. I love Elijah's curly hair and Sammy is so particularly handsome. :)

The Pratts said...

What a good-lookin group of grandkids. It looks like you had a great trip to Utah, isn't it so fun visiting famly? hectic but fun none the less..definitely a fun change to daily life at your own home. Sarah, your boys are soooo handsome!!!