Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Red light Green light

My family has created a take off of the game red light green light which includes pillows. The rules are simple, you have to balance a pillow on your head (they use couch throw pillows) and then play like normal trying to get to the person who is saying "red light and green light" with a pillow on their head. If your pillow falls off you have to start over and if the person who is it looses their pillow the closest person to them is now it. It is quite a hilarius game to watch. Often there are people balancing funny or even knocking someones pillow off. It makes for good silly fun for the whole family.

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The Pratts said...

That's such a clever way to spice up red light, green light. What fun memories for your boys of playing games at granpa & grandma's house.