Sunday, March 9, 2008

we made it!

we made it to Oklahoma in one (sane) piece. We had some delays in the Denver airport, we eventually ended up with a new plane and were a few hours late. I was sooo grateful that Josh went through security with us or I would have been dead meat! The flight itself went pretty smoothly. We got a warm welcome from Caed- a big yealling, running hug. I was amazed at how small the Oklahoma City airport is.
After we got our luggage we were off to Chuck E. Cheese! Elijah and Sam have neve been there so we were off to another adventure. Elijah just didn't know what to think let alone what to do first. He and Caed ran wild and had great time. Sam was big eyed with wonder.

After chuck E. Cheese we were off to Caed's house. The boys crashed in the car on the way home. Talk about a long day.


Susan said...

So, Josh was able to go through the security check with you? Even though he didn't have a plane ticket? That is definitely very helpful!! For me, that has always been the hardest part - keeping the kids happy before getting on the plane. I'm so glad you got there safely. Have fun!

Sarah said...

Yep, they gave Josh an escort pass that let him go through security. They didn't even hesitate to give it when I asked, just printed it out and we were good to go. Boy was I greatful!