Sunday, March 2, 2008

ward fast

this year our bishop has decided to focus on missionary work. he has asked the ward to fast together today that we might have missionary experiences.

it is a year ago this month that I was experiencing my own amazing missionary experiences with my dear friend Christina. the joy of missionary work is hard for me to express. the spirit of that work is so powerful. not only does it carry the power to convert others but your own heart is more strongly converted to what you are sharing.

so today, I am fasting that I might again have the spirit of missionary work in my life more fully. that I might be prepared to open up when the opprotunity does arise, and that I will recognize those opprotunities because I know they will come.

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Christina said...

hi my friend. i love you and miss you. i can't wait to see you in a few days. i am so blessed to have had you share your testimony with me last year. it changed my life. you continue to amaze me and i in turn am uplifted. i wish i had seen his earlier, i would have fasted with you... but know that i am fasting for the two of us tomorow, that you might have the spirit of missionary work, and that i might find peace in some of the tough decisions i've made lately