Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday! We had a fun weekend (despite Sam being sick with a fever again Friday and some of Saturday).
Yesterday we made our arabic/middle eastern dinner. Everything went really well and all the food turned out great! I'm rather proud that Josh and I pulled it off! We had friends over to help eat all the yummy food. One brought a delicious cucumber salad and another brought homemade baklava. Both wonderful additions to our meal. I'm thinking we have the making of a new tradition! The recipes are now posted on Everyday Recipes, complete with pictures. They may seem intimidating, but they really aren't that bad and very much worth it!

Update: I'm pretty sure we have at least six baby fish. Sometimes when I count I come up with seven or eight. They are very hard to count! We aren't sure what to do with our new traditions, when they grow up it will make for a full tank. But it is very exciting to have babies!

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