Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh my....

Elijah and I decided to color a big sturdy box that Josh brought home last night from costco. We determined it was going to be a car with green fire etc. I helped Elijah get started and then got distracted by laundry and email, then Josh called me. While I was on the phone Elijah comes to me and says "look what I did, mommy?" I looked and what I saw took my breath away.

My three year old son had gotten creative with the markers all over himself (thankfully they are washable) . Of course he is just in his underwear and jammie shirt, so his entire legs are now covered in rainbow colors, his hands, and his cheeks are covered as well. He is rather proud of himself and has decided that sammy should get in on the show so he can ride in the car too. ohhhh my! of course, me being the blogging mommy now, i had to whip out the camera and catch the moment. Boy did I get a good laugh after the initial shock.

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Susan said...

Good work Elijah!! Way to keep your mommy on her toes!! ;)