Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Ideas

I'm trying to figure out how we are going to celebrate Easter this year and thought I would share the ideas I have decided on and give other's an opprotunity to share what they are doing.

Growing up, my family always celebrated the secular side of Easter, i.e. the Easter Bunny, on the Saturday before Easter so as to keep Sunday centered around the real reason for Easter, Jesus Christ and His resurection. Josh and I have decided to carry on this tradition in our family.

Saturday the Easter bunny will bring the boys' small easter baskets and we will have an easter egg hunt with friends and decorate hard-boiled eggs as a family.

This year on Sunday we are planning a special dinner with Arabic food and dishes from the middle east that Christ might have eaten (we are still planning on doing the traditional ham dinner, but on another day. I really can't pass that up!) I am planning on making some arabic dishes that my great aunt has passed on to us including stuffed grape leaves, sfeeha (meat pies), spinach pies, hummus and pita bread etc. (I'm posting the recipes on Everyday Recipes in the next few days).

While everyone is at the table we will go over the Easter Story. I have the scriptures separated into different easter eggs with objects that go with the scripture in them. You can make your own eggs with instructions on

Probably for lunch or while all the dinner preparations are going on I'm planning on making "Resurrection Rolls" with Elijah. The recipe and symbolizm are also on Sugardoodle (in fact sugardoodle has a large section full of different easter ideas, religious and not.)

In all I'm trying to make this weekend special but still very simple. What are your plans? What family traditions do you do in your family? I'd love to know!

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