Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Primary Songs

In the last few months Elijah has started singing a lot of songs that he would never sing before. Up until now he would always just blurt out a line or two of the song without much melody. But lately he has be singing the entire thing for many songs including many primary songs that he has been learning in church. This is my public thank you to Kelly for doing an amazing job teaching the kids the primary songs. Elijah is picking them up and singing them at home all the time.

Sunday's we call or webcam our parents. That is prime time for Elijah to show off his singing skills. He always puts on a show for the grandparents. I caught him on video singing on the phone to grandma a few weeks ago (and totally forgot I had the video until yesterday). Here it is for all to enjoy Elijah's sweet singing voice.

I am a Child of God

I Love to See the Temple

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chrisy said...

It was very cute the firt time around. But it's even cuter with the visuals.