Wednesday, September 3, 2008

County Fair

For park days last month we went to the county fair for "kids day"as a group of friends with our mass of kids. Elijah and Sam enjoyed looking at the animals. They had massive pigs, darling munchie goats (I really liked the angora goats with long curly hair), and quite a few freshly shorn sheep. Many of the sheep were wearing "coats". I'm not really sure why but some of them looked rather ridiculous, especially the pair pictured.
We couldn't go to the fair without doing the rides. A few of the ride operators were a little confused as to how much the fare was supposed to be so we got on a couple of the kid ones for half price. SWEET! Sam wasn't quite sure what to think of it all but Elijah had a roaring good time.

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Esther said...

I think they put coats on the animals so that their fur will stay clean. They don't want to clean them again before they are judged. I just know from living in the sticks for the past two years.