Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Elijah's Art

I got a roll of art paper at Target in their dollar section. The boys enjoyed doing big murals with their watercolors. The above picture is Elijah's of our family and a rainbow.
This is a picture of our living room. Complete with rug (big red rectangle bottom right), couch bottom left, table and chairs middle-left, Lamps top-right, TV and DVD cabinet middle-right, buffet top-middle, and tall bookshelf along the left edge.

This is a birthday card he did for his great-grandma with balloons on the front.

The inside has his self portrait along with
a detailed rainbow. Elijah is really going through a rainbow phase. He loves to draw them and loves to sing his original (every time it's different) "rainbow song"

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Angie Wilson said...

These are AWESOME! I love children's art!! Write the date on the back and hold onto them forever! :)
...funny...James is in a rainbow phase too...