Friday, September 12, 2008

For the LOVE of...

F Wood Type A L L

I have come to the conclusion that Fall is my favorite season, followed closely by Spring but Fall has pulled out on top. I love waking up the crisp air and the earthly smell while I am wrapped up warm in my covers. I love the cooler weather, the warm-not hot- sunshine in the afternoon, the change of the colors in nature around me, and the change in menu. I love making chili and being able to smell it all day without worrying about heating up the house. I love the soups and breads that come with cooler weather too. I love pulling out my sweaters and digging out my socks (yes, I do sometimes wear them with my crocs depending on the weather. Though lately my footwear has branched out a bit). I love the decorations and planning that come with the season. Pulling out my leaf garlands and purchasing pumpkins, figuring out what Elijah is going to settle on for his Halloween costume, starting the Christmas shopping lists and research. MMM... I love it all.

Another thing I've noticed over the last week or so that the cooler weather has been setting in, that the urge to do projects has been setting in too. Fall is my major crafting season (not sure why, it would be busy enough without all the extra projects). I love digging out my yarn and fabric remnants, surfing around on hundreds of blogs dreaming of what I can make. I've got the ideas flowing so beware... there will be posts to come to share the crafting madness that has infected me.

To start- today I found a cute pumpkin pattern that I just had to try. My fabric was a garage sale find from a few months ago and it worked perfectly for this cute little pumpkin. Granted I fudged and cursed my long underused sewing machine but I'm quite pleased with the finished project (though I'm thinking it will be a one and only). Sam fed my ego by giving a big "Oh" when he woke up from his nap and noticed it. Here's to the first Fall decoration of the year to grace my table.

FALL letters came together on this website


Susan said...

I'm seriously so impressed that you've already started crafting for fall. I LOVE fall too!! I'm counting down the days to visit Utah in the next couple weeks so that I can soak in the lovely fall weather - 100 degree weather just doesn't quite feel like fall.

Angie Wilson said...

Hooray! You're so right...Autumn is the best!

Charis said...

I have always loved fall the best! It is the greatest! With spring definantly in second place.. a very close second... and then the holiday season... (which is a whole seperate season of it's own! then I don't know which, winter or summer they are about equal, however all seasons are a refreshing change and I can find something I love about all seasons!