Monday, September 15, 2008

Because he loves me

Friday, probably while I was sitting down and writing my post about how much I love Fall, Josh was at Costco loading up again on cheese and groceries. He ended up coming home with the most beautiful bouquet of Fall flowers. He said he got them because he loves me and because he knows how much I love Fall. Goodness, he was right on cue. There even was a red gerbera daisy in the bunch, my favorite. I love that man so much! We got to spend the entire day together on Saturday. Some friends of ours came up with the idea for us to caravan down to the Denver Temple, find a park nearby and take turns watching the kids while the others did a session. We got out early, making it to Denver a little after 9 am (I sacrificed garage saleing to go. Well worth the sacrifice but I was teased all the way home by all the garage sale signs posted up). The kids were such troopers throughout the long day and it was a gorgeous day to spend outside. Josh and I greatly enjoyed being able to go to the temple together. We don't make it there often enough. We realized it has been a really long time since we had been to the Denver Temple and we enjoyed the beauty of that building and the spirit inside. Apparently we aren't the only ones to have this idea. We came across multiple families doing the switch at the same park. It was a great day of service, family, and the beautiful outdoors.


The Pratts said...

Yea for fall-time!!! Those are some nice flowers, what a nice husband. What a wonderful idea about playing at the park swap for a temple session. It's definitely so much more challenging to get to the temple when you don't live around family to babysit whenever.

Sorry it's been awhile, I've been a blog-slacker all summer. It was sure fun reading and seeing all the fun pictures of your family throughout the summer...looks like you had a great summer. Your boys are getting so big, it's fun to see how much they like to be with eachother (at least for the camera anyway). Take care.

Celeste said...

What pretty flowers!! Husbands are great!! Your boys are getting so big and so cute!

Charis said...

What a great idea! I love it. . . maybe we could try that, however I am not sure it is needed, since we are so blessed to have so many temples around. sometimes I think it sounds fun to have the experience of living far away. . . however, not fun enough to venture to do it, I love being safe at home. I can't wait till you guys live at home again! I hope you do soon!