Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flannel Board Stories from the Friend

The amazing woman from Chocolate on my Cranium has put together a list of all the black and white flannel board stories that the church has printed in the Friend magazine over the years. They are stories from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Church History. She has even gone one step further and colored them using a computer program. All you have to do is save, print, cut them out, laminate, and use. (She also has a link to the original black and white ones on

I've been coloring some of these stories myself when I come across them on the lds website. To have them all collected into one place is SO helpful! They make great visuals for kiddos when doing Family Home Evening (FHE). I put a little square of magnet tape on the back and then they stick on a small cookie sheet I use as my "flannel board" (not all cookie sheets are magnetic!).

I'll be adding her link to my sidebar for future (and likely repeated) use.

What do you do/use to help teach your children the scripture stories?


Charis said...

well... we watch the living scripture stories. then we read the story out the scriptures, (just the story) and then we read it out of a book... what ever book has the story, my first book of mormon, children's bible, a bible treasury for kids... etc. by the time we have done this, michael can retell the story and he can say he has read the scriptures. this is normally a week process for one story... i often try and have a family home evening lesson about what we learn from the story. Michael normally watches the movie on sunday, and we read the story and books through out the week as part of bed time routine.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

So glad they are being used! I colored them all last year for a FHE enrichment we did in our ward. They were such a big hit I knew they needed to be shared so others could be spared the time consuming task of all that coloring.

We read straight from the scriptures using pictures from the Gospel Art Kit for the littler ones. We've found that kids really do understand the language of the scriptures especially if we take the time to explain what we've read.

Celeste said...

That is so so cool. I am excited to use them. We are always lookin for new ideas! Thanks!!