Friday, September 5, 2008

Lion Ami

Yesterday was my first afternoon alone with Elijah at school and Sammy taking his nap (Josh has been home the last three school days either sick and/or working). It was nice to have some quite productive time to myself. I used the time to finally finish my little lion. I'm very happy with the way he turned out and excited to start another animal project.
Today I ran out to a few garage sales. It was slim pickings due largely to the colder weather but I was able to find a few things for Christmas, a Blue's Clues cake pan (heaven sent!), and gobs of yarn. The lady was selling it 4 balls/skeens for a dollar. I went nuts and grab 12 just imagining the cute little ami's I could make with it. I'm tempted to go back and get more!
Last night I was searching to see what free patterns I could come up with for more ami's. Some of the patterns had Josh and I laughing, they were so ridiculous.
Here are a few of the links that I found. Some are cute patterns that caught my eye, others are link lists of their own.
Amigurumi a great list of free patterns
Celestine Crochet cool ball toy
Bunny in a dress

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Heath#1 said...

Oh my word he is so cute. Man are you talented. Great job.