Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another trip down Animal Lane

On Labor Day we went to the Zoo with our friends Ashley, Kelsey, and Quinn along with about everyone else in the Denver area. I've NEVER seen the parking that bad and we have been going for years, multiple times a year. Luckily the zoo is huge and once you got it you didn't feel too overly crowded.

Josh took the day off and was able to join us, which was a great treat. Our first stop is almost always the elephants and we caught them eating their lunch. (Wouldn't that picture make a great advertisement? I've found the zoo is a great place to buy hats for the boys. Especially if you are a member and get 20% off at the gift shop.)

Because Josh was with us we were able to go in Birdworld and see all of the birds up close and personal. I don't usually go in there when I'm alone because they don't allow strollers and Sam is just now getting to where he would walk it alone. Sam absolutely loved it! He was looking around everywhere, pointing at all the birds and doing his intonation (not really words) "there it is" or "right there" while pointing at whatever he found.

One bird (I didn't catch it's name) we noticed had monster long toes. So long that he was walking on his own feet. I also enjoyed watching the Inca Terns laughing and cackling to themselves in the corner of the exhibit.

The zoo has had a few additions since we were there last. They adopted a new young sea lion named Nick and had a new baby Zebra named Elliot.

The random fact I learned this trip was about the long horn cattle from Africa. Apparently there is blood flow through their horns that they use to regualate their body temperature. The blood goes up through them warm and comes back into the body cooler, bringing down their core temperature. Cool huh!

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