Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Year's Garden

Our garden is in. I did starts inside again this year and I am beginning to think they are not worth the effort. But anyway, they are now in our garden boxes and things are going pretty well. We planted peas, cucumbers, basil, jalepenos, and bell peppers this year. The peas are doing really well. It's fun to see them curl their vines around our makeshift suport system. There will be more pictures to come as things grow. (We opted not to do squash this year after last years experience. They took over the world. We'll see how this year's goes.)

If you want information about our garden boxes and how we made them there are links on my post from last year. Also if you click on the label "Garden" you will get pictures from last years gardening effort.

For Mother's Day Josh got me a beautiful hanging pot of flowers to put out in our "garden." Our balcony is becoming quite an inviting place.

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Celeste said...

That is so cool, I don't know why I did not see your posts from last year but I think it is great! I have always wanted a garden but living in apt. has not let me do it. does it work really good?? And how did you plant them. I am a little slow!!