Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This morning the boys and I went to the opening of a new exhibit at our local museum. The exhibit is called "Little Builders" and focuses on building activities for kids ages 2-7 (very cool and VERY crowded, we will have to go back). For opening day they had our city power and communications department bring out their big trucks and bulldozers for the kids to explore.

Anyway, I did my little post this morning about things I should be grateful for despite the things that are not currently functioning as they should be right now. We went to the museum (with the power and communications company trucks), spent some time at the park with friends, then I come home and try to check my email and discover that while I was gone the power had gone out, reset my modem, and now I couldn't get on the internet from my laptop because to reset the modem I had to do it from my desktop computer (or so I thought, my amazing husband comes to my rescue yet again).

ARGH the irony-- I'm visiting the power company while at home the power goes out and one of the things I listed as being grateful for was suddenly jinxed.

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