Monday, May 25, 2009

Grateful for my Computer Savvy Husband

I was typing a blog post yesterday and out of nowhere the computer went CAPUT. No warnings, no sounds, it just stopped working and wouldn't turn on again. This is where I am grateful. Josh took a look at it and in seconds determined that it was probably that the powersuply had over heated (it helped that the top of the computer was rather warm and there was a bit of an electrical heat smell). I am grateful that Josh is comfortable with computers. He built our computer in fact and has kept it alive over the past 6 years with a few upgrades here and there. Josh simply goes online to, orders the part he needs and a couple days later it arrives and Josh puts it in. Easy peasy. I am grateful that he is able to do it. Yet another reason, among many, that my husband is amazing.

(I'm also grateful that I have a laptop otherwise I would not be able to do posts yesterday and today)

Other Josh related news: his chip seems to be WORKING! not exactly as designed but it is being more promising than ever before! YAY!

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Charis said...

Yeah for josh, My non-computer savvy husband and I just bought a very expensive computer, so we don't have to be computer savvy, because it has free lifetime repair and parts replacement! YEAH, in my opinion a fair trade off, for all the other amazing things Craig does for me! :) Congrats Josh on getting your chip to work! So how is the job search going? any news about where you will end up?