Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally Solved!

Josh has had this rubix cube like puzzle kicking around our house since we have been married. Apparently he has had it since he was sixteen or seventeen years old. The whole time it has been floating around my house it has been a mix of colors. Every once in awhile Josh would sit down and try and figure it out but would always give up long before it was solved. Josh even tried finding a solution online but was unable to follow the complex directions to solve it.

Then a couple weeks ago he comes and finds me with the biggest proudest grin on his face and the solved puzzle in his hand. He had finally solved the puzzle! He was so proud he even took pictures of it himself to prove that he had done it and then let me take a picture saying I should blog about it. He's sure silly and boy do I love him!

That man has a lot of patience and determination when it comes to puzzles and I am grateful that it carries over to his research. If it were otherwise he would have given up long ago on his project. His fridge is finally cold again and we're praying and crossing our fingers that his chips work this time.


Charis said...

I am super impressed. . . everyone in our family has tried for years to solve that puzzle, josh solved it many years ago when he first got it, and then mixed it up to prove that he could do it again. . . I truly thought it wasn't possible! I was sure it had been thrown away by now! Way to keep up with the persistance.

Charis said...

craig is proud of you too. . . now he doesn't have to solve it?

Bekah said...

thats great and tell Josh congratulations (I think thats how you spell it)