Friday, May 22, 2009

The Physics of Ice Cream

Last week Josh came home acting like a nine year old cub scout excited to get into trouble. He had brought home with him a container of liquid nitrogen which he uses at work to cool down his "fridge." He had actually buckled the container into one of the boys car seats to insure it's safe arrival home. The idea was to make ice cream with the liquid nitrogen and Josh was super excited.

He and the boys mixed all the ingredients in a bowl and then it was time for the exciting part... bring on the smoke!

I got most of it on video, it's a bit long but its pretty cool how fast you can do ice cream. The process probably took a total of 10 minutes. Yay for instant gratification! I was really surprised at how well the ice cream turned out. The next day it came out of the freezer and scooped out like store bought ice cream. Mmm Mmmm Good!

You're a bit crazy and a dare devil sometimes, Josh, but I will admit it was a fun and yummy idea. We even did a repeat of it at our friends house for FHE. Thanks Josh my scientist man!

***Okay so the video won't upload, ANNOYING! I'll try it in another post. Meanwhile you can see a video of our ice cream adventure for FHE at our friends house.

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