Monday, May 25, 2009

Aspiring Photographer

This past week Elijah has discovered that he can take pictures with my camera. It started with having him try and take a picture off me for a bio. He discovered how easy and fun it was and decided he wanted to take more pictures. He is still figuring out how to get the camera steady and give it a chance to focus before he pushes the button all the way but some of his pictures turn out pretty good. It's lots of fun to see what he deems picture worthy. He's a pretty cute little boy. I just love the expression I was able to catch on camera. It captures him well- my silly cute little boy.

Here are some of Elijah's pictures from outside our apartment and also from our hike.


Anna said...

He is pretty good! What a fun little guy.

Charis said...

He is better than Michael, I should post the pictures, Michael took. . . but I think I may have put them in the trash can. . .yup, that good.