Saturday, January 31, 2009


It was another wonderful slow Saturday morning where I woke up to the sounds of my boys cooking in the kitchen. This morning though the conversation was super cute to listen in on. There were pancakes on the griddle and Elijah and Sam were getting all excited because they were almost done. Elijah I'm sure was doing his excited wiggle jump on the chair and was saying "Yipee". I guess Sam thought that was great and wanted in on the action. This led to Elijah teaching Sam how to say Yipee...

"Sam you say 'YIP'"




"No Sam. PEE"


"YIP-PEE, Sam"


"Look Dad, I taught Sam how to say Yipee!"

Super Super CUTE!

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Anna said...

Your boys are adorable, Sarah! Boy, I wish I could be in on that fun!