Monday, January 12, 2009

Creativity in Question

I found this at Target last week in the dollar section. It was just screaming with possibilities, the question is what exactly should I do with it?

It is a green canvas wall hanging that is 16" by 26" with 8 clear pockets in which there are white strips of cardstock each 2" wide. It came labeled as a schedule board.

Some of the ideas that I have been throwing around include:
  • a menu board
  • activity planner
  • projects list
  • chore chart
I'm throwing the question out to YOU... any ideas on how you would use this? (and then you can run to your nearest Target and nab one for yourself, you might just see me there!)


Side note: for those of you bitten by the annual get organized aka dig yourself out of the Christmas-created clutter, Target also had some darling cardboard magazine file boxes in their dollar section.


Maren said...

if only i lived closer to a target. . . you are always so full of cute ideas!

Charis said...

If i had my car i would go to target right now! I had those in my classroom for schedules. If your kids were autistic that would be very helpful, but seeing as they are not. . . your ideas or good ones. or maybe a list of choices of things they can do without bothering you, like color, blocks, etc. . .

Ruth said...

This is a cool thing, Sarah and I can see why you grabbed one! How about a family home evening planning board to list topics for your fhe's. Or a list of words for Elijah to begin reading and upper and lower case letters for Sam to put together. A memorization board for memorizing scriptures, articles of faith or simple poems or nursery rhymes. A toy check out system for those toys with lots of little parts that you want to have more control over. I'm still thinking.....

The Fullmers Three said...

You are so creative. Let me know what you decided to do with it. Perhaps it will give me some inspiration.