Monday, January 19, 2009

Chart Follow Up

Last week I posted on my random find in the Target dollar section. Thank you for all your comments and ideas. I eventually made my way back to Target and bought myself more of the hanging charts because I simply couldn't choose just one use for it. I'm still doing a bit of plotting but I have some progress to share. So far I have used one for my menu, one for Elijah and one for Sam. I'm still planning on doing a Chore Chart and possibly a FHE one (yes I bought 4 more at Target, call me NUTS)

For each of my charts I utilized my handy thermal pouch laminator. If you do not have a personal laminator of your own, put one on your wish list! They are wonderful to have. Great for FHE lessons, charts, flash cards, primary etc. I got mine at Walmart for around $25 and it will laminate up to 8.5x11 sheets. Walmart sells 20 pouches for around $8. My exact machine is made by Scotch. There are many other options out there for laminators, some of them rather expensive, but you don't have to invest a lot to get a good result.

For my MENU chart I typed up the meals that we eat on a regular basis and included the major ingredients. The idea is that I will go through and pick out the meals for the week, post them on my handy chart and highlight any items that I need to pick up at the store. I laminated each of the cards so that I can use a dry erase marker on them to make notes on needed ingredients. I hung the chart at the end of my alley kitchen in plain sight. Hopefully there wont be any more "I don't know what to make for dinner" panic moments.

For ELIJAH's chart I laminated blank 3x5 cards and used a dry erase marker (they make washable ones, great for kids!) to write different words for him to learn to read (thanks for the idea mom). He got very excited and wanted to write some of them himself. I'm thinking we will work on them everyday for a week and then erase them and write new ones. This idea is likely to evolve as we use it. There is still room on his chart for more cards and I am thinking of taking a picture of a clean room and putting him in charge of keeping it cleaned up for the week. Another idea I'm still toying with.

SAM's is similar to Elijah's but I laminated smaller cards and wrote letters on them for him to recognize and match the upper and lower case letters. I hung the boys charts in their room and I think we will work on them in the morning and before bed.

Thanks again for all your ideas and sharing in the creativity!

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Annabob said...

Sarah, I love the menu idea. Has that helped you with your planning? I like to see everything laid out but I am not good at in the moment having things planned (as I run to the store). I like that you have all the ingredients typed up as well, this looks like something I need to do : )