Monday, January 12, 2009

My little Christmas Elf

Elijah's preschool put on a Christmas program at our stake center. Elijah was super excited about it for weeks and he sure didn't disappoint come performance day. Call me a little biased, but he was the cutest little elf, BY FAR!

Their first song was "'Til Winter Comes". The school director does daily music time with the kids and has created her own selection of songs that the kids love to sing and dance to while she plays the guitar.

The second song they did was "Jingle Bells". I guessed they would be doing this song because Elijah has been singing it a lot at home, even the "dashing through the snow..." part. When it came time to perform though, it seems that all of the kids, Elijah included, forgot to sing. But they got the bell part down.

Elijah has been absolutely loving preschool! We had parent/teacher conferences in November and both his teacher and his teacher's assistant love him and consider him a great verbal model for the class. He is great at sparking class discussions with his thoughtful questions.


The Fullmers Three said...

Cute cute cute. I especially love hearing Sammy calling out "Lijiah! Lijiah!" You have cute boys.

chrisy said...

Elijah is definitely the cutest elf!!. I have to agree with
Rosalie though, Sammy in the background is pretty cute too.