Sunday, January 18, 2009

Radical Redbox

Josh and I often rent movies from our local Redbox. We rarely make it to the movie theaters so we wait for the movies to come out on DVD and then rent them for a dollar a night. I'm sure many of you have heard of and probably used your own local Redbox's found at McDonald's, Walmart and even some grocery stores. BUT if you aren't using their internet options, you are missing out on the full beauty of the Redbox.

It's amazing, you get the urge to watch a movie, you sit down at your computer, go to and instantly you can search by movie or redbox location. It will tell you what movies are available and where AND then you can reserve it ONLINE. You simply create a log in, enter your credit card info and the movie is reserved. Then all you have to do is pick up the movie at your own convenience knowing that the movie you want is saved just for you. Simply swipe the same credit card at the correct redbox and out pops your movie. If you can't make it or forget to pick up your movie Redbox charges you for one night and makes the movie available for rent the next day.

Many times I'll get the urge to rent a movie early in the day, reserve it online, and Josh will pick it up on the way home. Easy!

Anyway, Josh and I got one such urge to watch a movie last night on our newly upgraded TV (we have finally graduated from 13"-land) and on a whim rented Eagle Eye not knowing anything about it other than what info Redbox had online. It turned out to be a great movie! It's a really good conspiracy movie and we really enjoyed it. The storyline keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. There are two characters who are "enlisted" to do a mission for some unknown person who knows everything about them and is able to manipulate technology to do just about anything. If you are in the mood for a great action movie check out Eagle Eye.


Amy Nelson said...

A redbox lover like you needs to know about It is filled with redbox codes so you get the first night free, so if you turn it in the next day, it doesn't cost you anything! Awseome.

Maren said...

we love redbox! and i second amy's comment, we use all the time and we hardly ever pay for a movie. but the downside is i think you can't reserve it online, unless it lets you enter the promo code. . . maybe i'll have to experiement.