Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eating Rubber

Elijah is becoming more willing to try new foods or at least take one bite of foods he claims he doesn't like. The other night I made Chinese Hot and Sour Eggplant for dinner (a very good recipe despite the story to follow). Neither of the boys were thrilled, but there was rice involved so they ate. I had added red pepper to the eggplant and we told Elijah he need to try a bite of either the eggplant or the pepper and we put both on his plate. He opted for the red pepper, liked it and eventually ate more. What really surprised me was that eventually he tried the eggplant too. Well, the eggplant skin for some reason, either that paticular eggplant or me not cooking it quite long enough, was a little bit squeeky against the teeth when you chewed it. That intrigued Elijah so he proceeded to chew the eggplant despite his original disdain.

After finally spitting out the eggplant Elijah exclaimed, "The eggplant squeeked on my teeth like when you put a bouncy ball in your mouth!"

mmmm, YUM

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