Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sam's 2 Years Old!

Sam absolutely loves making pancakes and waffles for breakfast with his daddy. We spiced up the pancakes for his birthday by adding blueberries. Sam is getting super independent. He wants to put the syrup on, smear it around, and cut the pancakes all by himself. He does a fairly good job but comes out very sticky!

Sam also helped me make cupcakes for his birthday. He is totally hands on in the kitchen. Both Elijah and Sam enjoyed putting the sprinkles on the cupcakes. They especially loved eating them after Sam's dinner of choice, Little Ceasers Pizza, which he got to go get alone with daddy. He's got the blowing the candles thing down (in fact when it came time for Elijah's cake Sam jumped the gun and we had to do it over again so Elijah could blow them out).

Sam's also got the unwrapping present thing down. He was very good a ripping all the paper off and his reactions were super SUPER cute. Below is a video of him opening his new baby. He is the sweetest boy with it. He hugs it and kisses it, tucks it in, wraps it in his blanket, etc... It melts my heart.

It is so hard to believe that my baby is all grown up. Elijah was his age when Sam was born! Time flies so FAST! I am so grateful to have sweet little Sam in our family. He is such a blessing and brightens every day.


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Sam! What a sweet boy.

Charis said...

I tried and tried to call to wish both your boys happy birthday. . . but we were traveling. . . either your phone came up busy or i didn't have reception long enough to carry the call. . . happy birthday sammy and elijah. what kind of baby did he get? i want to see movies of him with the baby. . . what made you decide to get him a baby for his birthday?