Monday, November 24, 2008

Sam the Helping Man

Sam has become quite a helper around the house lately. Last week he discovered that he could get the broom out all by himself. He then preceded to sweep (aka push around) all the floors in the house, carpet included. He was even thorough enough to move all the chairs and push around under the table (which happens to be carpet). He was really good at hitting the walls with the long handle of the broom while pushing around all the crumbs in the house.

Last week he also helped me with the laundry. I handed him a pair of my shoes (my nicest pair, I might add) to take from the living room into my bedroom. He promptly disappeared and I assumed he had completed the job as asked. Later that night, after I had run a load of laundry, I discovered my shoes soaking wet in the washing machine having gone through a complete cycle. Not the recommended way to get your shoes clean, by any means, but my helper made sure that his mommy would have clean (and wet) leather shoes.

Funny stories aside, Sam really is a good helper. He is always willing to set the table, loves to help stir anything I'm making (and unfortunately insists on doing it even over the stove), helps me find his shoes and my keys, and much more. He's turning into such a big boy and I'm very grateful for my little buddy and helper.

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