Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blues Clues Birthday Party Plan

There are a lot of websites with ideas for Blues Clues parties and I thought I would share what I narrowed it all down to.

First off, Nick Jr. has an amazing site with all kinds of Blues Clues printables and activities. If you have a child into Blues Clues you have to check it out! They have many things like calendars, charts, books, cards, etc.

-Printed from Nick Jr.

Decorations and Such:
-Chalk Paw Prints on the sidewalk leading to our apartment
-Blue balloons and streamers
-Blues Clues Ears (pattern below)
-Blue dog nose painting
-Mailbox (I used our little tikes mailbox to deliver a message with their Handy Dandy Notebooks to the kids from Blue)
-Blues Clues Coloring pages
-Dog bowls (from the dollar store)
-Handy Dandy Notebooks (sold at some party stores, I got mine off eBay)

-Pin the Paw on Blue (four page poster you print online; I printed extra pawprints for Blues Clues game)
-Blue Says (like Simon Says)
-Doggie Doggie where's your ball? (original game uses bone but we didn't have one)
-Blues Clues -like on the movies looking for three clues

-Blue Gak (recipe below)

-Hot Dogs wrapped in bread dough to look like bones; I found some mini hot dogs (a little bigger than the little smokies)
-cereal for dog food; used Captain Crunch
-Blues Clues cake (curse of my existence, I HATE frosting!)
-Ice cream with blue sprinkles (which I forgot the sprinkles)
-Blue Gatorade

Party Favors:
-Small Playdough picked up at after Halloween sales
-Glow sticks; also from Halloween sales
-Paw Print Oreo Pop (see below)


I had seen in the store and online super cute blue dog ears for the children to wear. The one's in the store were expensive and the patterns I found online used either paper or foam. If I was going to spend time making them I wanted these ears to last at least as long as the party. My mother and I thought about using felt to make some ears. While I was mulling over the fabric at the store I noticed the fleece and that got my gears turning. It turns out that I had picked up a scrap of blue fleece at a garage sale this past summer. With that scrap of fabric this is what I came up with (and wish I had).

Blues Clues Ears

Piece of fleece with selvage edge wide enough to go around a child's head (22 inches or so)
Sew on Velcro
Good fabric scissors

With fleece there is a stretchy side and a not so stretchy side.

*Cut 2 inch x 22 inch* wide strips with the long side being the non-stretchy side (the one thing I wished for was that my scrap of fabric had been 3 inches or so longer. I had 19 inches which was a bit tight for the 4 year olds' heads, I ended up making extensions. Measure a child's head to see how long you really need.)

* Cut out an ear pattern out of paper. There's no right or wrong here but use most of an 8.5 x 11 sheet to do it.

*Cut two ears out of you fleece using your ear pattern. If there is a right and wrong side to your fleece be sure to flip the pattern for one ear.

*Cut two inch pieces of both sides of the Velcro. The two inches allows some adjustment to each individual head.

*Sew one piece of the 2 inch Velcro on one end of the fleece strip. The 2 inch length should be along the longer length of the fleece strip and in the middle of the strip near the edge (see above picture)

*Sew the second piece of Velcro onto the other end on the opposite side of the fabric. When the two pieces of Velcro are brought together you should have a circle headband.

*Measure wear to put the ears with the Velcro together, fold the band in half with the Velcro in the middle on top. The fold on either side is where you can put your ears. Pin them into place making sure they are both on the same face of the fabric and pointing the same direction.

*Sew around three sides of the ears on the band. I guess you could sew around all four sides attaching it to the band but I guess I was lazy.

*Tada! you are done. Make sure you have you camera ready because you are in for some super cute pictures!

Blue Gak Recipe

There are a lot of recipes out there for Gak on the internet. This is the one we used and we all had great fun with it, especially the adults.

Borax can be found in next to the laundry detergent (Safeway carries it). I have a HUGE box so if you need some and live in the area, please give me a call!

2/3 Cup Elmers Glue
1/2 Cup Warm Water
Food Coloring of your choice
Combine in small bowl

1/3 cup HOT water
1/2 Tbs Borax
Combine in DIFFERENT bowl

Then combine the two containers and stire the mixture very well.
Store in an air tight container.

We used straws to try and blow bubbles with the Gak. Very amusing!

Paw Print Oreo Pops

My mother pointed me to this blog where she shows you how to make Oreo Pops. They are super cute and great for any occasion. In a moment of inspiration I thought maybe I could make these pops into paw prints for the kids. I used white chocolate to dip the oreos and imediately after dipping them stuck 4 Dots candies on the top for toes and sprinkled the cookies with rainbow sprinkles. There was a mixed initial reaction as to what they were supposed to look like but I thought they turned out cute.

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Susan said...

Way cute Sarah! You really planned well and went all out with this party. I'm impressed. I think the Oreo paw prints are way cute!