Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Blog: Christ Centered Christmas

I, partnered with my mother, have added another blog to my author list. This one is focused on Christ Centered Christmas traditions. My mother and I have been brainstorming, plotting, writing, and editing and now I think we are to the point where we can open this project up to the general public. Keep in mind it is a work in progress but I hope that you might find the information helpful in some way or another. If you have anything to add or come across something on the internet worth sharing, please let me know!

As my mother has been pumping out these posts it has gotten me really excited for the Christmas season. Josh is very adamant that it can't start til after Thanksgiving though. That gives me three weeks (the fourth week we will be in Utah) to implement these amazing traditions. I'm going to need all the time until then to plan them.

Here's to a well planned Christ Centered Christmas!

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Susan said...

Awesome Sarah! (and Sarah's mom!) What a great resource you've put together. I'm sure I'll be using a few of these ideas.