Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Week

This week has be a week full of birthday celebrations. I have had enough birthday cake to last me til next year! We had Sam's birthday, then a joint Blues Clues party, and then Elijah's birthday; each with their own cake and presents. The boys have had great fun with all the festivities. To make the week even better, my mother was able to come out and share in the fun. The boys were super excited to have her here and we were sad to see her go this evening.

I have gobs of pictures to go through. I think I have over two hundred photos! So needless to say I have some weeding down to do, and slide shows to make, before I post about everything here.

But to appease those who have been waiting patiently to see pictures here is a darling video of Sam and Elijah playing with the Playskool Honeybee Hop. The idea is that the bee goes around and they are supposed to jump over it. It even plays Flight of the Bumblebee at two different speeds. Well, watch the video to see what the boys end up doing.

It's like a mini dog track for toddlers. Sam is especially funny to see running around with his little elbows pumping. They do this over and over and over. I got 10-12 video clips of them doing it today (I know it's pathetic) and they played with it a lot yesterday too. It's great; it wears them out. I can see this being a lifesaver this winter, if it survives that long.

Check in later for more stuff on the boys. Thank you to everyone who made my boys' birthdays happy.


Susan said...

So when are their actual birthdays? Are they just a couple days apart?

Sarah said...

Their birthdays are five days apart (Sam was born two weeks early). It makes for a fun week! and I'm glad it is over.