Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blues Clues Birthday

Elijah and Sam (Sam especially) are really into Blues Clues. It's one thing they both agree on so for their joint friends birthday party this year we went with a Blues Clues theme. The party was a success!

The day started off with pancakes (like most Saturdays) but we added a little twist to these pancakes. We poured them in the shape of Paw Prints in honour of the party day.

For the party we had two families over that each have two kids my boys' ages. The kids were so cute in their dog ears and painted noses and we all had a lot of fun. By far the biggest stress was the cake (I have frosting issues!) but other than that everything went pretty smoothly.

Sam was glued to his Handy Dandy Notebook. He spent the entire party with that notebook in his hand wandering around the house looking for clues and he was pretty good at spotting them too. He was pretty serious about the whole thing and super cute. Elijah actually did well at drawing the clues in his notebook. You can actually tell what they are. He's becoming quite an artist.

Thank you mom for all your help. Thank you friends for sharing in the festivites with us, you made it so much fun.

The details and party plan are in a post to follow soon!

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Charis said...

Most entertaining. I get stressed out enough just when I invite the family over for cake and Ice cream or pancakes. . . planning something as fun as that would have me sick for days. I am very impressed. and your cake looked great. did you make it? wow you are amazing. koodos to sarah