Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elijah is 4!

It occured to me that I haven't posted pictures of Elijah from his birthday yet. It is amazing to me that he is actually four years old. The time has flow by so fast. He is a smart, sensitive, observent little boy and I am so grateful to be his mother.

He was so excited for his birthday and kept asking if it was the day yet for days before. He had to wait patiently though all the festivites of Sam birthday and the joint party before it was finally his day to turn Four. By then I was pretty partied out, and very caked out so we went to the store and Elijah got to pick out his own little cake and they wrote his name on it in Green (his most often favorite color that changes periodically depending on his mood). He was very proud of that little cake and excited to put in his special #4 candles. Sam was also very excited about the cake because by then he knew how all this partying worked. We sang happy birthday with the candles lit and Sam jumped the gun and blew out the candles before Elijah could get to them. We ended up doing a do over and that time (as shown in the video, sorry about the sound I seem to have a habit of covering the mic) Sam sang and pointed to himself claiming the song for himself.

Elijah and Sam are great buddies. They have become better friends in the last month or so and spend a lot of time playing together (about as much time as they spend fighting with each other). They do the sweetest hugs with each other that often end in a giggling mass on the floor. It is wonderful to see them love each other so much.

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