Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yesterday we got the Christmas decorations out (while listening to the BYU game -terribly festive :P ).  It doesn't seem like I have that many decorations now that it's spread through my house instead of a small apartment.  I'm thinking a few more strands of lights will help.  I'm of the opinion that you can't have too many white lights. 

I love nativity scenes and they are a large part of my decorations.  I set up a few of them yesterday and still had a couple without a spot.  This morning I came down the stairs to see that Elijah had been playing with one of my sets and created his own little scene.

Stable made out of wood blocks

The big picture: stable, stars, angel, wise men a far off, and the shepherd over on the couch
 For school Elijah was asked to draw a picture about a holiday tradition.  He chose acting out the nativity story on Christmas Eve.   He used the nativity pictured up above as a model for his picture and labeled every piece.  I sure hope I get the original back.  It is such a sweet picture and explaination.

Sam wanted in on the action (because we don't use colored pencils very often. They are saved for special projects).  He too used the nativity as a model and this is his picture.  I love the manger with baby Jesus and all the hay.


Jean said...

You know I too love nativity scenes. I am envious of your hand drawn scenes.They are treasures. Do you have one of the little clay pot nativity too?

Rebekah said...

that is so cute!!!!
Elijah and Sam are the cutest little boys in the universe!!!!

Charis said...

I just gave a great response. . . and then blogger told me there was an error and erased it. . . the most important parts. . . your boys are smart. . . i love that Elijah made the star. . . and I think computers are a great thing so I can scan things, or take pictures and throw the rest away. . . I know, I am so horribly sentimental.

Charis said...

oh and i just got done purusing your family's(?) book blog? i made a whole bunch of comments. . i hope nobody minds!