Friday, November 12, 2010

Sam is FOUR

Sam turned Four this past week.  He was super excited for his birthday.  He decided he wanted a horse birthday cake to look like his little stuffed animal horse named Brown Star (complete with white diamond on her nose).  I found a pattern online that was super easy and Sam loved helping me out.  For his birthday dinner he decided he wanted Chick Fil A.  He's an easy man to please. 

Probably his highlight of the day was that Elijah was off school.  They played well together the whole day, playing "Bunny and Brownie" their imaginary game with their stuffed animals and Wii.  Sam also requested that we paint on his birthday.  The man loves getting down a dirty.


chrisy said...

Your cakes are darling. The boys are Too.

Charis said...

the horse cake was way cute too. . . the baby in the hat is cutest though.

Jean said...

Two birthdays in one week sounds familiar. We did Robert's yesterday and will do Rachel's next week. Your big guys are so handsome. The cakes are amazing!