Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jammie Jiggle

Benjamin loves to "party" from around ten to around one or two am.  Note: this does not make for happy parents.  Josh is a saint and often takes the brunt of this shift.  Often this entails what I have come to call the "Jammie Jiggle."  Benjamin strongly prefers to be held vertically.  I think he has a bit of reflux and gas issues going on and this position helps.  He also loves to be jiggled/bounced to sleep.  At night Ben gets really worked up and to help him relax Josh holds him up to his shoulder and trots through our room, across the hall and through Ben's room and back.  More often than not this puts Ben to sleep, if only for a short time and then the ritual starts again.

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Charis said...

loved all the updates! Thanks for the pictures! it was great fun to see them. I have spent the last hour while Lucy has been sleeping labeling pictures of Michael, getting ready to make a Blurb book of him for him to take when he leaves. I am only through 2009 and have 555 pictures. . . still have 2010 to go. . . then the work of uploading them into a book and formating it. . . maybe writing some captions, and writing a letter. If I can make it through the whole process without bawling I will consider myself lucky. I cried myself to sleep last night just making plans in my head about the silly book. Thanks for the distraction, and the happy thoughts and pictures.