Friday, November 12, 2010

Elijah is SIX

Elijah also had a birthday this week.   He tuned Six years old.  It's crazy!  When did I become old enough to be the mother of a six year old?  He's sporting the cool crown he got at school.  When he saw what I did for Sam's cake, Elijah knew exactly what he wanted for his.  Ever since we went to the aquarium in September he has bee obsessed with Dolphins.  He checks out dolphin books at school, he draws pictures of dolphins, he pretends he is training dolphins, etc.  Hence he wanted a dolphin cake.  I thought I was in over my head.  Luckily it came together pretty well.  With Sam's assurance that it did indeed look like a dolphin, this is what I came up with (using two 9 in rounds and one 9X13).  When Elijah came home from school his reaction was precious.  I think he was pleased.

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Charis said...

I am way way impressed with the dolphin. . . it does indeed look like a dolphin. . . very groovy